Llamas originally came from North America. They are now living in South America. If you would like to see a wild llama you can go to Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, or Peru. You can also see them in Scotland!

South American Llama

If you are thinking about getting a pet llama, here's some good websites!

Llamas for sale in the UK

More llamas for sale in the UK

Some useful llama websites.

Llama Association Page

New Zealand Llama Association

Llama Information

Would you like to Llamafy your writing?


Here's a llama game you can play!

Gravity Llama

    Some good llama names:
  • Phil
  • Norman
  • Steven
  • Paul


This is Phil. He is a llama


This is Michael Jackson and his llama, Louie.

Louie the Llama Louie

This is Polleen. She is from Florida.

Polleen Llama

This is Norman. He's from Russia.

Norman the Llama

Stevie, here, is from Wales.

Stevie the Llama

Here is Paul. He recently dyed his hair pink

Jeffrey the Llama Pink Jeff

Group Llama Photo

Wild Llamas

Llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicunas are originally from the Andes mountains in South America.

Andes Mountains

Here are some Guanacos